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belials feral/angry/RAGE form??? yea. this was part of a larger image that involved reno but i got too frustrated and ended up snipping it




Central Asian Shepherd Dog (by locrifa)

This cat has seven days…



"Someone out there who thinks hunting is a "sport" ..explain this to me. A dead doe. A baby clinging to her not yet cold body. Explain how this exhilarates you. And how you have a god given right to to kill, because its fun."-Ilse Singer

Deer hunting season takes place when fawns are old enough to take care of themselves. Hunting outside of deer season is poaching. This image is more than likely of a roadkill doe, not a hunted one. If you’re going to campaign against something at least know something about it.

Yep, this deer was hit by a car and the fawn was rescued but sadly died a few hours later. 
Getting fed up of people using this image as anti-hunting propaganda. If anything it’s a pro-hunting image as they are so overpopulated in areas that deer being killed on the roads is extremely common and culling them would help to reduce fawns being orphaned in this way.